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"Thank you Singapore Swim School for referring Coach Kenny to us. My kid aged 5 can swim for short distance. He only attended 8 lessons with Coach Kenny."

- May Ling, Clementi Customer Rating


"You service is wonderful. The swimming instructor response is very fast. Now my children, Clement and Stanley aged 6 & 7 are learning how to swim with Joel Tan at Tampines pool."

- Adrain, Tampines Customer Rating


"My son Jason like to attend Coach Kelvin swimming lesson. Coach Kelvin's lesson is always fun and he is very patience with the children."

- June, Tampines Customer Rating


"Coach Richmond have taught my kid Jing Wen for 3 years and she is currently taking the Swimsafer Gold standard program. Thankyou."

- Ms Toh, Bukit Batok Customer Rating


"My girl, Mary aged 6 was very afraid of water but after 2nd lesson she is able to put her head into the water to blow bubbles. Well done Coach Willium"

- Ailing, Jurong West Customer Rating


"Coach Crystal is very patience with my two kids. My kids have build up water Confident, Survival & Swimming Skills over the years."

- Judy Ong, Pasir Ris Customer Rating


"I took up private swimming lessons with Coach Adelyn Ho for 2 months. I'm happy that I have overcome my fear of water and now I'm able to swim for short distance without any assistance. I really look forwards to his swimming lessons. Thank you Singapore Swim School "

- Joyce, Bukit Timah Condominium Customer Rating


"Singapore Swim school really provide good coach like Kenny to me. I'm swimming after only 12 lessons. Thank you coach Kenny"

- Chris Pang, Tampines Customer Rating


"Joel 5 years old enjoys swimming with his cousins whenever we visited their Condominium. At least he can swim and safe himself. "

- Enya, Jurong East Customer Rating


"My children aged 5 and 6 took up swimming lessons at Tampines swimming Complex with Coach Richmond. They really enjoy his swimming lessons. Thank you SwimClasses.org "

- Shu Jing, Tampines Customer Rating


"My kids Sharon and Shawn both aged 7 were very scared of water. After learning with Coach Ricky from SwimClasses.org, they are able to swim across the pool in just 6 months at Hougang Swimming Complex. They really enjoy their swimming lessons now. Thank you SwimClasses.org "

- Clement, Hougang Customer Rating

   1st Aug 2015
Preparing For A Swimming Lesson

"Things to do before lessons"

By: Richmond
Preparing for a swimming lesson
Before your child would start swimming there are a couple of things you need to do.

1. Determine if your child has any contraindications to swimming like seizure or convulsions, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (bronchitis or asthma), Ear-Nose and Throat infections, skin diseases like eczema, or any communicable disease. Swimming is permissible when the infection has subsided or the disease is under control. Consult first your pediatrician if your child is in shape to start swimming.

2. Determine if your child has fear of the water or aqua phobia

Being afraid of the water prevents your child from learning and benefiting from swimming. Even just thinking about the water brings dreaded anxiety to the child. There are numerous causes of the fear of water or Aqua phobia, either from present experiences or from a childhood incident.

Gradually dealing with the fear is the key solution. Be aware that the fear experienced is true and do not undermine the child. Explaining with demonstrations appropriate for the child’s age is an empowering step to have the child control over the situation. Make the child trust the water that it is safe and enjoyable. The swimming instructor should be at the orientation so the child may begin to see how the teaching process works. Make the child feel in control being involved in small steps. This will be sufficient to facilitate positive behavioral change to take place.

3. Motivate the child to learn swimming

For the child to participate or even want to start swimming, you must first inspire your child to participate in the sport. Walk the child through the swimming pool. Show him where the shower room is, the bathroom and where you, the parent will be seated during the swimming lessons. Make your child watch other kids swim and seeing the potential fun is a strong motivation. Show your child the swim benefits that are waiting for her/him once their able to swim.

4. Find a swimming program that is suitable for you and your child

There are numerous swimming programs available around. Ask your friends who are involved in swimming if they know of a good swimming program or good swimming instructor which they can recommend. However, the easier and fastest way is to get a certified swimming instructor is via SwimClasses.org.

Choose the swimming instructor who is skilled and child-friendly. You may also ask the instructor if she/he can show you how she/he teaches, just like a demo. Enjoying the lesson and learning to swim are likewise important.

Determine if you want your child to be in a private swimming class like one-on-one or a group swimming class. Make sure that the pool is accessible to your place and the time is convenient. Check if the pool depth is fitting to your child’s height, that it is safe and sanitary.

5. Shop for swimming gear

When buying swimwear, tag your child along so she/he may be more motivated and excited for the swimming lessons. The essential swimwear is Swimsuit, Swimming goggles, and Swimming cap.

Allow the child to choose the swimwear that she/he wants, this allows the child to have control on her/his future swimming lessons.

Your child can also fit the swim gear to fit the body shape. Make sure that the swimsuit is fitting and not loose so that when it gets wet in the pool, it won’t sag and be weighty.

There are a wide variety of goggles available for your child’s size, vision, and style. If your child wears glasses, there are prescription goggles also available. The cap is used to prevent hair from clogging the filters, prevent drying of hair from the chlorinated water and to keep your face free of hair when swimming. They are available in latex, silicone and lycra with multi colors and designs. Swimming caps are likely to be one-size fits all, but smaller sizes just for kids are also available. To even more motivate the child, swimming caps have fun designs and colors printed on them so show your child the variety of choices. Additional equipment like kickboard with designs of cartoons that the child likes are also available.

Source: http://www.swimclasses.org

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