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"Thank you Singapore Swim School for referring Coach Kenny to us. My kid aged 5 can swim for short distance. He only attended 8 lessons with Coach Kenny."

- May Ling, Clementi Customer Rating


"You service is wonderful. The swimming instructor response is very fast. Now my children, Clement and Stanley aged 6 & 7 are learning how to swim with Joel Tan at Tampines pool."

- Adrain, Tampines Customer Rating


"My son Jason like to attend Coach Kelvin swimming lesson. Coach Kelvin's lesson is always fun and he is very patience with the children."

- June, Tampines Customer Rating


"Coach Richmond have taught my kid Jing Wen for 3 years and she is currently taking the Swimsafer Gold standard program. Thankyou."

- Ms Toh, Bukit Batok Customer Rating


"My girl, Mary aged 6 was very afraid of water but after 2nd lesson she is able to put her head into the water to blow bubbles. Well done Coach Willium"

- Ailing, Jurong West Customer Rating


"Coach Crystal is very patience with my two kids. My kids have build up water Confident, Survival & Swimming Skills over the years."

- Judy Ong, Pasir Ris Customer Rating


"I took up private swimming lessons with Coach Adelyn Ho for 2 months. I'm happy that I have overcome my fear of water and now I'm able to swim for short distance without any assistance. I really look forwards to his swimming lessons. Thank you Singapore Swim School "

- Joyce, Bukit Timah Condominium Customer Rating


"Singapore Swim school really provide good coach like Kenny to me. I'm swimming after only 12 lessons. Thank you coach Kenny"

- Chris Pang, Tampines Customer Rating


"Joel 5 years old enjoys swimming with his cousins whenever we visited their Condominium. At least he can swim and safe himself. "

- Enya, Jurong East Customer Rating


"My children aged 5 and 6 took up swimming lessons at Tampines swimming Complex with Coach Richmond. They really enjoy his swimming lessons. Thank you SwimClasses.org "

- Shu Jing, Tampines Customer Rating


"My kids Sharon and Shawn both aged 7 were very scared of water. After learning with Coach Ricky from SwimClasses.org, they are able to swim across the pool in just 6 months at Hougang Swimming Complex. They really enjoy their swimming lessons now. Thank you SwimClasses.org "

- Clement, Hougang Customer Rating

1st Jun 2015
Children Safety During Swimming Lessons

"Find out more"

By: Wendy
It is very important for parents who take their children for swimming lessons to know that the swimming lessons are generally more about them than the child. Most new parents are normally excited to do outdoor activities and to meet other new parents as well as to perform activities with other people. Parents should however know that swimming lessons are not necessarily the best option for new babies since young children normally get a little bit cold during early lessons since they are not performing activities that can help their bodies stay warm. The best option is to wait until your kids are 4-to-5 years before you sign them up on a swimming lesson. Although some kids may start earlier, getting to know all the strokes may take a long time before the kids learn them.

Once a child has reached a reasonable age, his or her parents can be able to know whether the child is ready to attend swimming lessons. Another important thing to know is that the safety of a child while swimming goes hand in hand with the level of swimming lesson he or she has received. It has been seen that drowning is one of the leading cause of death among little children of ages between 1 and 19 years. Parents need to keep an eye on their children all the time even during the swimming lessons. There have been a number of cases where children have fallen into swimming pools without anyone noticing. If a parent is supervising his or her child during a lesson, such accidents cannot be fatal since they can be able to rescue the child.

The reason why a child who has accidentally fallen in a pool cannot be noticed is because drowning is normally silent hence even those who are near may fail to notice. During lessons, it is always recommended that every parent should be at a close distance to his or her child. There have been cases of children who are good swimmers getting scared while in the water. This may lead to the child panicking and if the child does not call for help, everyone else may fail to notice the child drowning. There is no doubt that the safety of a child depends on the supervision of a parent or guardian. There are some precautions that parents can take to ensure the safety of their children and they include;

• Making sure that a home swimming pool is well fenced
• Keeping an eye on your child while he or she is around a swimming pool or any other water body. A good thing may be to engage the child in frequent conversation so that you can easily know when there is a problem. As a parent you should also know that no one can keep an eye watch your child as good as you will.
• When you are in the water you should always be at a close distance near your child so that you can easily rescue the child in case an accident happens.

Singapore Swim School can help you find a certified swimming instructor in your neighborhood with no extra charges. Our swimming instructor conducts swimming lessons on your preferred timing and place. Find out more on our Private swimming lesson and Group swimming lesson now.


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"Finding a Swim Class in Singapore is made easy"   - Wendy Hooi, Sport Link Magazine

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